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About Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide excellence in teaching, research, and extension education in the field of veterinary and animal science. Our mission is to be a world leader in healthcare, research, and professional education through innovation.

  1. Our vision is to advance veterinary education, improve animal welfare, strengthen research, and make the environment a better place for people and animals.
  2. Make veterinary and animal science education a tool for sustainable growth in the livestock industry so that food and income security can be ensured.
  1. The institute will increase its scientific and working capacities by providing faculty members with opportunities to improve their scientific and working capacities. Extending the agricultural sector by providing advisory services, health care, organizing livestock shows and animal welfare camps.
  1. This course is intended to prepare veterinarians to prevent human diseases from being transmitted to humans from animals.
  2. Extension services are provided to farmers and livestock owners.
  3. Empower women to become,” Knowledgeable Livestock Stakeholder” giving them economic identity.
  4. Ensure enhanced production from rural and urban livestock through effective diseases surveillance and diagnosis, health care, vaccination and production programs